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Hello! Thanks for stopping by my website. I'm a Florida native and Florida-based journalist who works for the Education Writers Association, a nonprofit out of Washington, D.C. that works to support journalists who write about education. It's a topic I'm passionate about because a host of reasons - including that I have a background in local K-12 education beat reporting. 

It's been a wild few years, right? I certainly think so. 

I work on freelance projects outside of my work at EWA and enjoy covering a wide spectrum of topics that include environmental advocacy, queer voices, cultural diversity and religion, and equestrian sports. 

I'm an avid hiker and equestrian and I play various instruments (only those with strings; I don't understand brass or woodwinds). 

I also manage a student journalism program I started in 2020 pre-pandemic as a way to draw more university students into professional writing situations before they graduate from school. I'm very proud of the work I've done with that program and am working to bring in more mentors to assist on beats outside of my own experience. 

If any of this interests you, don't hesitate to get in touch. As a Southern woman, I do love a good chat. Hecklers will not be tolerated, though. I'm still tired from pandemic reporting. 



P.S. I love the photo up above, taken by Alyssa of Southern Oaks Equestrian. I am riding Lilli without a bridle for the first time. Lots of inside leg!

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