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Freelance clips

I have a background in creative writing and journalism and have covered K12 education for a local newspaper and COVID-19 state data. I now work as a freelancer, with interests that include the environment and our wild places. Here's a brief selection of my published work.

Image by Timothy K

A bill making its way through the Florida legislature would put some protections for the important plants along Florida's coasts in lawbooks.

Image by JD Designs
Notebook Sketch

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis positions himself for a potential run for presidency. As he jockeys for national attention, Florida's students bear the brunt of his ambitions. For The Nation with Jeff VanderMeer. 

Image by Cecilie Johnsen

After Hurricane Ian decimated a southern portion of Florida, Jeff VanderMeer and I write about our state's relationship to catastrophe in the era of climate change for The Nation

How journalists can think about incorporating Black history - American history - into their daily coverage, not just in February. With Asia Allen for the Education Writers Association. 

Drag queen bingo in Florida's capital city. Queering the South pre-pandemic for The Bitter Southerner

Horse Sketch

Pre-pandemic - equestrian sports and representation. Community and allyship in this athletic league for Flamingo Magazine

Story Book

The award-winning and beloved children's book author reminisces on her Florida childhood for Flamingo Magazine


When covering queer (LGBTQ+) students and issues, education journalists can treat the topic as a public health issue. Why? Because lives are at stake. For the Education Writers Association.

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