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Fiction & Creative Nonfiction work

I have an undergraduate degree from Florida State University in Creative Writing and French and am working on a nonfiction master's degree. Check out a selection of my published fiction and creative nonfiction work below. 

Audio Stories

Fiction. Published Nov. 2017 on WFSU radio station.

Nonfiction. Published May 2016 by WFSU radio station.


Nonfiction. Soon airing on WFSU radio station.

Novels in progress

For what may become a master's thesis, I am working on a memoir of growing up in the swamps of North Florida among more animals than I can count. Tentatively titled "Bad Farmer," this work is one I hope will bring joy and honesty to a readership who believes that relationships with animals are just as important as those with humans.

Additionally, I slowly am working through various fantasy novels. More details I make up more about these things. 

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