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In the press.

It feels odd for a journalist to become the source of a news article. But that's what happened when I wrote a column in December, 2020, detailing what it felt like to be amidst the chaotic rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in Leon County, Florida. That column sparked national interest from news outlets that included the Washington Post, NBC News, Good Morning America, Soledad O'Brien, NPR, Poynter and others. 

It was a wild time and is difficult to think about. I am not proud of my work, nor am I dismissive of the role I played. Yet so many local journalists do this sort of work each day, I ask you to remember this any time you're struggling with your local governments.


I am forever grateful to the people who helped me through that time and the journalists who asked me questions about how I was taking care of myself. 

By Derek Hawkins. Published Jan. 28, 2021. 

Image by Ashton Bingham

Interviewed by Soledad O'Brien for Quake Media. Published Feb. 2, 2021. 


By Kristen Hare. Published Jan. 5, 2021. 


Interviewed by Noel King for Morning Edition. Published Feb. 3, 2021. 

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