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Local beat reporting

Tallahassee Democrat / USAToday

 I have a professional background in local journalism in North Florida where I covered the K-12 education beat in Leon County, documented the devastating impacts of multiple hurricanes and other natural disasters, followed topics of statewide interest, brought queer voices to the page, and wrote extensively about the COVID-19 pandemic's effect on my area of the state. It's been a long route, and I'm grateful to all who have helped me along the way. Check out a selection of my work below.

This is a column I wrote when buried in COVID-19 reporting. As vaccines first became available locally at the end of 2020, I found myself at the center of connecting seniors with the local health department when systems were failing. 

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Using my own background in equestrian sports, I spent four years covering the annual internationally-ranked Red Hills Horse Trials. 

Horse Sketch_edited.jpg

Local high schoolers say 'enough' when it comes to not having access to free tampons, pads in public schools. This is one story in a series following the topic, which eventually went before the School Board. 

Image by Natracare

Local historians are working to save African American history in Leon County, an area once deep in plantation country. This is one story in what should continue to be a series covering this topic in Florida's capital county.

Image by Element5 Digital

I followed what data was available from the state and locally to track how one high school with what seemed to be the largest number of confirmed positives of COVID-19 was navigating the pandemic's impact.

Disposable Mask

This is a micro accountability-focused story illustrating the overlap between the Leon County school district and a newly-established government agency.


Local neighborhood activists put together an effort to bring education further into communities where support such as for reading and math were much needed. This is one of many stories documenting the effort. 

Image by Aaron Burden

An effort to document how the local public school district supports students who are refugees from their home nations - and measure the success of those efforts.

Image by Shunya Koide

Coverage of a day working to spotlight and amplify the voices of local transgender people who look to create a stronger community in town. 

Pride Flag

After having difficulty with the communications at the local school district when digging into the topic of teachers' salaries, I wrote this story looking at district administrators' pay. 

Image by Alexander Grey
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