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I cover a wide range of topics as a freelance journalist - from hurricanes in Florida to interviews with authors I admire - and I strive to bring voices to the page that matter to me, personally. Check out some of my freelance work below. 

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The Nation

"Large parts of Florida should be mangrove thickets, prickly swampland, and unforgiving marshy wilderness—for our own survival." 

  • Co-byline with Florida author Jeff VanderMeer. 

Later, we were interviewed by Chuck of the This is Hell! podcast, which aired on several midwest radio stations. Check it out here

Flamingo Magazine

"How the Sunshine State's wild backyards shaped one of the most prolific children's authors of our time." 

Palm Trees
Pride Flag

The Bitter Southerner

"People see college towns around the South as 'progressive.' Still, in places like Tallahassee, Florida, establishments that openly welcome the LGBTQ community remain hard to find. But here in Florida’s capital city, one local bar thinks a part of the answer might be kids and families playing bingo in the backyard, with drag queens calling the numbers."

Flamingo Magazine

"Florida’s Gay Polo League redefines inclusivity in the horse world and beyond." 

For this story, I traveled to Wellington, South Florida to watch the Gay Polo League's annual tournament. 

Polo Mallet
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