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Bad Farmer

Bad Farmer is a work-in-progress documenting and detailing life on a farm where wetlands, woods and wilds coexist with domesticated - from the perspective of a person who spent her childhood navigating animals and the fierceness of the nonhuman. 

Nature Art


With Jeff VanderMeer, author of Annihilation and the Southern Reach Trilogy. An illustrated guide to rewilding, reconnecting with nature, and saving the planet. Publisher: Abrams Image. 


Florida Student News Watch

The Florida Student News Watch is a student journalism program I founded in January, 2020, to provide college-aged writers an opportunity for publication prior to graduation. The News Watch continues today with an environmental angle and joined the nonprofit Sunshine State Biodiversity Group, pairing students with mentors and publications across Florida and bringing the importance of biodiversity to the fore. 

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