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COVID-19 reporting

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, I covered a local K12 school district, and COVID-19 state data coming from Florida. When vaccines became available, I worked tirelessly to connect seniors in my area with appointments. National news outlets interviewed me about the experience, and about local journalism serving as a public good. From there, I burnt out and had to leave a job I loved and felt a deep commitment to. I chose myself, and have returned to journalism after a long road to recovery. 

For the Tallahassee Democrat, published Dec. 31, 2020: I wrote about the first wave of people contacting me, a local reporter, for assistance connecting with the Leon County Health Department. From here, I received hundreds of messages for help. 


By Kristen Hare of Poynter, published Jan. 5, 2021. 


Interview by Noel King for Morning Edition, aired Feb. 3, 2021. 


A column I wrote for Poynter, edited by the wonderful Kristen Hare, published April 26, 2023. 

Journalist Mental Health Resources

This is an area that needs more and more attention. I highly suggest The Journalist's Resource and The Dart Center. 

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